Garden Design

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Case Study

Pippa's clients wanted a long border in a walled garden to be redesigned to make the most of the view from a proposed new conservatory/kitchen extension. The clients wanted the new border to be low maintenance, at its best in late summer, and to be distinguished by muted, gentle colours. The dry stone wall at the bottom of the garden was in a poor state of repair and needed restoration. The solution was to bring the four metre wide border out from against the wall, turning it into an island bed with better visibility and greater impact. A path was created on the wall side, leading down to a new door in the restored wall, with a narrow bed for roses, lavender, irises and yews for ease of maintenance and for 'close up' enjoyment. The island bed was planted with carefully selected grasses and flowers in blues, pinks and soft yellows which did not require staking or deadheading, and was under-planted with bulbs to complement the early summer colours of irises.